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Our Story – Ultimate Sports Bags

Our Story

As traveling ball players, Jay and I are painfully aware of the cost of flying to tournaments. To avoid the cost of checking our bat bags and overnight luggage, we designed the ZBag. The ZBag is 36” long and breaks down to a 24” wheeled bag and a 12” removable backpack that protects your bats while traveling. There is also a removable multipurpose bag that can be used as a shoe bag, cooler, shaving kit, or carry-on to name a few.

ZBag is large enough to accommodate full catchers gear. Constructed of 1680 denier polyester and HKK zippers as well as conforming to maximum allowable dimensions for airlines, the ZBag can be used as a durable, fully functional travel bag. The large wheels allow you to wheel your ZBag effortlessly over curbs or rocks.

We travel a lot. Part of our travels are softball related. Nothing is more annoying than showing up at the airport and having to shell out $25 per bag each way. When we go out of town to play ball, we need my softball gear and extra clothing. To avoid the double charge, we wanted to create a bat bag that also functioned as luggage. And so, the ZBag was born.

ZBag was designed to SAVE YOU MONEY. Most traveling ballplayers carry at least 2 bags. Equipment in one, clothing and toiletries in another, and sometimes miscellaneous convenience items like snacks, phone, wallet, keys, etc, in a third. The three ZBag modules zip and connect together to form ONE airline compliant travel bag.

The ZBag designers are avid softball players and have a combined 35 years in sports bag design. We are constantly improving our products, and welcome suggestions, questions, and comments from our customers.

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  1. Mike Berry Posted on March 10, 2018

    I have an ultimate sports bag which is 5-6 years old. The two top zippers have broken and I’d like to get a replacement bag. The same style bag I have now. Do you still make that bag? It was the best I’ve ever seen. Thank you! Mike

  2. Robin Posted on April 6, 2018

    Hi Mike,
    I sent you an email 🙂

  3. Jeff Alley Posted on December 11, 2018

    I used to be a bid dealer of Ultimate Sports Bags. I have revamped my company and would like to know about how to get back rolling again. There is a huge market here for the ZBag.

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